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Clachan, the ancient seat of the Church in North Kintyre, houses the old church, surrounded by the carved stones of the Chiefs of the Clan Alasdair. Balinakill, now a Hotel, was the home of Coll McAlester, who in 1739 was a leader of the first large settlement of highlanders in North Carolina at Cross Creek in the Cape Fear River valley.

The last major battle to be fought in Kintyre took place on the steep slopes of Loup Hill in May 1689, when the local forces of MacDonald of Largie, McAlester of Loup and McNeill of Gallichoille, all strong supporters of King James VII, were defeated by a Government force.

A dramatic group of standing stones, with a burial cist is to be found south of Clachan, near Ballochroy Farm, the tallest is 3.4 metres.





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